Michael K. Neuman

Landscape Contractor.Designer.Consultant



"Your courtyard and fountain, like the courtyards and fountains shown, can be a theatrical performance that opens with the sound of water – a voice whose mystery entices…allures…calls you near to see the beauty unfold."

"Stepping onto the stage fulfills your anticipation of a fluid, a living space of plants and water whose peace cloisters you from the outside world."

Michael Neuman is a 1985 graduate of Louisiana State University with BA degree. His liberal arts studies were focused in European History, Cultural Geography and Art History.

After Graduating, Michael travelled and worked all over the world; New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Timor, Singapore, Malaysia,Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Great Britain, Western and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Egypt, Israel and Costa Rica. His travels have greatly influenced his work by being exposed to many of the most beautiful manors, castles, chateaus, villas and botanical gardens of the world.

Michael has been a Louisiana Licensed Landscape Contractor since 1993. He has done design work and installed landscapes for fountains, courtyards and gardens in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Houston, Mobile, Al., Seaside-Seagrove, Fla. and Madison, Miss.

Contact Michael at; [225] 572-0736.

Gardenworks…Dream it, design it, install it….make it a beautiful reality.