Michael K. Neuman

Landscape Contractor.Designer.Consultant



In the first initial meeting, Michael and the client discuss fees for consulting, drawing of a plan and estimating cost proposal. He will also assess your wants and taste and taste in landscaping. He then measures and photographs to understand size, scale, and the scope of the project.

After the meeting, Michael develops a garden concept, organizing a scope of work into a plan with preliminary drawings to make sure that he and the client are in agreement on the finished project. Once the concept is approved, the final drawings are done. Then the scope of work, including cost of the project is summited for final approval and the work is scheduled.

With each project specific factors are taken in consideration which includes;

  • Plant material
    • used for styled effect
    • plant zone
    • size and scale
  • Soil , bed preparation
  • Drainage
  • Irrigation
  • Hardcover design mediums; concrete, brick, stone, wood.
  • Lighting; low voltage accents.
  • Accessories; pots, planters, furniture.

“Landscape is an investment”. Michael is not only thinking of what is happening now but twenty+ years down the road. For Example, if one cuts down a tree planted ten yrs after the project was installed, one has just lost the investment of the growing time. There is a purposeful attempt for plants to be planted for scaleā€¦. and for the investment.


Michael K. Neuman

587 Rodney Drive

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808

T 225.572.0736

email: mkneuman@gardenworksbr.com